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Suwanee and Atlanta tennis coach

Welcome to Big Dog Tennis Academy

The Big Dog Tennis School and Academy is a year-round tennis academy providing the highest level of teaching expertise and professionalism. All academy professionals have certifications with the United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA), the United States Tennis Registry (USPTR), as well as USA High Performance Coaching.

We have programs for all ages and levels of ability from “Tennis for Tots” to playing professionals and everyone in between. USTA has established new rules for kids 8-12. Check out our QuickStart page for more information regarding rules, equipment, and court changes.

Big Dog Tennis Academy also hosts tournaments throughout the year. Our first annual Santa Cup in 2011 will give all sub-divisions an opportunity to win an annual Tennis Championship and help provide toys for the children. Look for it in the fall!

We don’t just bring Tennis Champions together
— We build them.


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